Cold Pressed Juice

Raw, Never Heated, Cold-Pressed Juice!

At Living 360, our quest is to make the best juice available in Midland, TEXAS!

Our juice is raw and cold-pressed. We utilize organic and local ingredients when available.  Our blends taste amazingly delicious and contain 3-5 times the nourishing vitamins, minerals and amino acids when compared to other extraction methods (centrifugal force).

Cold pressed juice is exposed to minimum oxidation, so you can enjoy it up to 96 hours after pressing. Other methods of extraction oxidize the juice, beginning to destroy the vital nutrients immediately.

Not all juice is equal. Grocery stores line their shelves with cold-pressed juice that is pasteurized (HPP is the popular method). This is required for all wholesale juices to kill the micro bacteria so the shelf life may be extended (your "fresh" juice could be over 25 days old). However, pasteurization also kills beneficial enzymes, vitamins and microflora that play essential roles in our ability to thrive.

We proudly use the Good Nature X1 daily to ensure you receive a superior juice!